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Give me the lowest rate in the market!

Lowest Rate in the Market: Fixed!

Lydian Payments offers you a fixed rate & fee option so that you know exactly how much you would pay. Let's stop the yada yada and do business, that's how it is supposed to be done!

Guaranteed Best Rate!

Based on your last 3 months’ statements, we come up with the lowest possible fixed rate that would fit your business.

Locked Rate for 3 Years!

You start saving instantly and knowing that you will pay the same rate for 3 years!

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Payments & Financing with Unprecedented Support

Call 1.866.936.1036 to speak with a specialist or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Payment Solutions

Opening or switching your merchant account is a snap! Start saving now by filling out the simple form at the bottom of this page or just give us a call at 1.866.936.1036.

Instant Cash

Get instant access to much needed capital by purchasing a small percentage of your future credit card sales. No upfront fees, closing costs or loss of equity.

Unprecedented Support

Once your account has been approved, either your current system can be reprogrammed in 10 minutes or we can order you a brand new terminal for free.


Why Lydian Payments?

We are a payment systems company providing payment processing solutions with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We offer innovative, flexible solutions and a comprehensive package of products and services, coupled with excellent customer service. Our goal is to make our clients completely satisfied with the service they are getting. We're not done until you are fully happy!

Best Pricing & Service!

Our mission is to provide our merchants with any system they seek for their business, i.e. payment solutions that come with the best pricing and service in the market.

100% Satisfaction

We offer risk-free, hassle-free service with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Starting with or switching to us is as easy as 1,2,3. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

No Contract, No Cancellation Fee!

You don’t need to commit long-term by signing a contract. And we cover up to 100% of the cancellation fee from your old account for you!

Upfront Pricing & Fixed Rate

We explain every detail of our pricing and offer you an alternative fixed rate option.

Free Hardware & Software

Have you been paying your vendor for hardware and software? Not any more… And we keep them up-to-date.

Long-Term Relationship

Our main focus is to build long-term relationships with you, while helping with your payment solution and financing needs.

INC 5000

Partner with Us

Accountants, POS Developers, Financial Advisers, Business Consultants, Insurance Agents, Commercial Realtors...

Managing a merchant portfolio?

Are you in a service business with a merchant portfolio? Let us focus on your portfolio’s merchant account needs and their full satisfaction.

Join our Partnership Program

Lydian payment systems offer a partnership program that help you create residual income without any hassle while your clients receive the full benefits.

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

You will have an assigned relationship manager, so the only thing you would need is to provide leads to us and we’ll take care of the rest. We know you are busy with your own work, so our partnership program is designed to make it as easy as 1,2,3.

Want extra income?

Please get in touch with us so that we can design a program that would fit you and help you earn more from your portfolio while making your clients happier.


Questions & Concerns

Here are some common concerns of merchants when considering switching to a new vendor or picking one. We have taken care of each and every one of them and we continually improve ourselves based on your feedback.

I am happy with what I have! Why would I switch?

Primarily because you’re either paying higher rates than you should or not getting proper service. We assure you that we’ll give you the best rate and service.  

I want to accept gift cards...

We offer a special gift and loyalty program that’s free. 

I have a Cancellation Fee...

Well, that’s one of the best  parts of our service, we don’t charge a cancellation fee, and we’ll cover up to 100% of the cost of your cancellation fee from your current service when switching to our service. 

I leased my equipment...

No problem, your lease won’t be affected, and we can reprogram your leased equipment.

I don't want to purchase another system!

That simply won’t happen, you have the option for us to reprogram your current system, or we can offer the system of your choice, both the hardware and the software with little to no cost. Plus, you’ll end up paying less, while getting better service. We will seamlessly transition you and you won’t move a finger. 

I don't want the hassle of switching my account...

We understand that you’re probably concerned with your existing contract or the bureaucracy, chores and costs of switching, but no worries, we’ll take care of everything, make the transition as smooth as possible, and you won’t pay a dime! 

Payment Processors always list one price and charge another!?

We have a fixed rate option where our customers know upfront exactly what their rates & fees will be for 3 years, without changing. 

I don't want to sign a new contract...

Well, that’s the best part of our service! You are not locked into a contract, and can close your account at any time, without any penalty or fees. Period.  

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